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Postcard from a Month of Horse Ownership

Henry Wheeler came home with us on 30 July 2016. We have been one month and a week in this journey of horse ownership, so I thought I would summarize some observations.

  1. Fear is natural. Time (approximately 20 years) away from horses does not equal confidence. Things I did 20 years ago with the reckless abandon of a teenager on a well-broke horse are not applicable to a mature woman who hasn’t regained her seat and owns a mustang that has only 30-something rides. Gallop back up from the bottom of the pasture? We’ll work up to it.
  2. Patience is paramount.  This is a young horse, newly gentled, very green. Expecting him to behave like the 18-year old animals of my first time around is unrealistic and unfair. Going slowly can only mean going better.
  3. Know when to ask for help. I’m rusty. Things have changed since the last time I owned horses, and I am not a professional. Finding the right match for an instructor and mentor has been a game changer. My third lesson is tomorrow and with each I gain a little more confidence. I’m so happy to have found a trainer with a wealth of information and a wonderful attitude. We both believe in versatility and a willing partnership.
  4. There’s nothing like the comforting zen of standing by a horse while it grazes. This is why I’m back here, in this place, with my beloved dogs digging voles in the tall grass and the breath of a horse by my side. Not forgetting this is a goal I must continue to strive toward.

We have a million miles to go, Henry Wheeler. We’re gonna make them good.